CELTIC playmaker Ryan Christie has appealed to the Scottish government and health authorities to review their coronavirus guidelines - and described being forced to self-isolate for two weeks as “ridiculous”.

The playmaker was frustrated he missed important matches – including the Premiership game against Rangers on Saturday – this month due to being in close contact with Stuart Armstrong the day before his Scotland team mate tested positive for Covid-19.

Kieran Tierney, who was also ordered to quarantine during the international break for the same reason, was allowed to return to action for Arsenal in the Premier League game against Manchester City on Saturday.

Christie, who returned several negative test results while he was out, feels the English system applied greater common sense and would like their Scottish counterparts to examine their protocols when it comes to professional footballers who are living in bio-secure environments.

“I think that there was a more open communication between the governing bodies down there and in terms of the chief medical officer and the Premier League,” he said.

“They were in talks with the doctor at Arsenal and once everybody was okay that KT had tested negative so many times then everybody was happy for him to play. I think it was just about more common sense down there.

“That was frustrating for me because when you are in the same boat as someone and they get to play at the weekend and I still have to miss out it is very frustrating.”

Christie continued: “Obviously I’m not the person who has any say in these decisions. I get it in normal walks of life. It is different if they are not getting tested as regularly as we are, or in as controlled an environment as we are.

“But, you can see how restrictive it is, how many rules are in place, how many protocols we follow.

“I’m sitting on the couch and having someone coming to test me every morning and the next day I’m getting a text saying I’m negative again. I was left thinking: ‘How long does this really need to go on for before it is just getting a bit ridiculous?’

“Maybe it is a rule that can be looked at. Like I said, I know Celtic reached out to see if they could make any progress on that, and just fell short.”