The SFA will seek urgent discussions with the Scots government in a bid to get fans back inside stadiums this season after it was revealed supporters in England will soon have the opportunity to attend outdoor events.

It was reported this afternoon that up to 4,000 fans will be permitted inside stadiums down south in the lowest risk areas when England's lockdown comes to an end on December 2.

That provoked an immediate conversation in Scotland and the Joint Response Group insist they will press on and look for clarity on whether Scottish football fans will also be presented with the same chance to return to live matches, while still adhering to Covid-19 safety protocols.

The Response Group also acknowledged the difficulty facing clubs with a lack of income from matchday and they say it is "essential" for fans to begin pumping money back into the clubs through game day spending.

A spokesperson for the Joint Response Group said: “The news that clubs in England can prepare for the return of supporters is clearly extremely positive, and we will be seeking further urgent talks with the Scottish Government to establish a roadmap to getting fans safely back into Scottish grounds as soon as possible.

“Many of our clubs are in extremely precarious positions, given the enormous reliance on gate income in the Scottish game.

“Getting Scottish fans back into watch their beloved local clubs in the open air, in a controlled and carefully-regulated way, is absolutely essential for the future of Scottish clubs.”