Celtic fans have reacted to the club's latest statement backing manager Neil Lennon.

Lennon looks set to continue at the helm of the Parkhead club, despite a poor run of form and supporter protests in recent weeks.

But the Parkhead board have again this evening outlined their full support for the Northern Irishman, claiming that he retains their full-backing despite more dropped points at the weekend.

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Fans have taken to social media to respond to the news.

One fan wrote: "Just playing us for mugs, I'm absaloutely sickened, your not interested or listening."

READ MORE: Celtic boss Neil Lennon given vote of confidence by board 

Another added: "Disgusting statement. Completely Unacceptable. Keep burying your heads in the sand . We are winning nothing this season. This is not going to get any better till there’s serious change at every level."

Another fan added: "This isn't the statement we wanted or needed. His recent record is now comparable to Barnes and Mowbray with the difference being he's working with the second most successful squad in our history. It's not f*****g good enough, how much worse does this need to get??"

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Many supporters shared the sentiment that the decision outlines the why the board have received criticism of late, with one fan writing: "Plainly put, this is gross negligence. You are failing every single supporter of our club. It's astounding how you have managed to drive a huge wedge between yourselves and our supporters. Hell mend you all."

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Some fans also claimed they won't be putting anymore money into the club, with one begrudged season ticket holder claiming: "This is the final slap in the face for me. No renewal from me next year or again until this board are removed."

"Hope season ticket sales are non existent next year", added another.