Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers hailed his side's positive celebrations following new guidance to footballers amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Footballers and clubs had been warned over breaches of Covid-19 rules, with players told to curb their goalscoring celebrations because of the coronavirus pandemic.

While many continued to flout the warning, Leicester City's James Maddison waved team-mates away after he scored the opening goal in their 2-0 win against Southampton.

He mimicked shaking hands in a light-hearted celebration that was welcomed by the former Celtic boss. 

The Herald:

Commenting on the celebrations after the match, he said: “Listen, we all want football to continue and we all have a responsibility to do that.

“My players here are absolutely brilliant. Everything they’ve done to be as professional as they can at what has been a difficult time.

“What I said to them was ‘look, there’s a lot of negativity around celebrations so can we turn it into a positive?’

“We obviously have to score but when we score just try and use it as a positive and let’s see if we can social distance in our celebrations.

The Herald:

“But, of course, I am happy that they can score and can celebrate. I think people watch it wanted to celebrate it as well in the right way.”