Andy Walker had blasted Celtic's silence as a sign of disrespect to supporters and claims the club continues to 'embarrass' themselves.

The former Hoops striker took aim at his fomer club for refusing to provide any clarity or information regarding the future or manager Neil Lennon or incoming CEO Dominic McKay's main priorities.

Walker - who has a long-running feud with Lennon over Dubai 'jolly' comments - reckons Celtic are gambling on their supporters' loyalty over season ticket purchases as they would, as it stands, be going into next season with no real outlook at what the plans are.

And the pundit as branded that silence as 'insulting'. He told Sky Sports: "As things stand right now, I haven't spoken to a single Celtic supporter who believes in the current set-up and the lack of communication from a senior figure at the club to address the fans' concerns is embarrassing and insulting.

"Season-ticket holders are being asked to buy into a set-up that is unclear. They deserve more respect than they're currently getting from this Celtic board.

"If the board wish Neil Lennon to stay in place for the rest of this season and beyond, tell the fans. If they want to make a change at the end of the season, tell the fans.

"If a different structure altogether is to be put in place, tell the fans.

"It won't be too long till the biggest games of every season for Celtic - the July Champions League qualifiers - come around.

"New chief executive Dominic McKay starts his post with the club on July 1. Is it his role to identify new players and/or the possibility of a new coach/manager? Unbelievably, no one knows.

"Now that it's only a matter of time before Rangers deservedly clinch the title, the Celtic fans should be given hope for next season.

"Tell them what the plan is."