John Barnes has had say on the managerial vacancy at Celtic and warned against a major “mistake” the Parkhead club could make.

With the race wide open, many names from around the football world have been linked with the Glasgow gig. From current Scotland boss Steve Clarke, to recently dismissed Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder, there is yet to be a clear favourite for the role.

Ex-Chelsea hero Frank Lampard’s name has also been discussed, but he is not a viable option according to Barnes.

Speaking to, he said: “Much thanks to Gerrard’s success at Ranger’s, I’m not surprised of rumours that Frank Lampard may be heading up Scotland to become the next English ‘it’ manager. However, if you ask me, this would be a mistake. Now, more than ever, Celtic need someone experienced with knowledge of the Celtic game, someone who knows the history of the club, who will win over the fans.

“And although Lampard is a good manager, it’s important to remember that when Steven Gerrard went to Rangers, the expectations were much lower. It’s also important to remember that it took Steven three years to get to where they are now, so it wasn’t a quick fix. I mean, in his first year, they weren’t even close. 

“Last year, however, they put up a good fight. However, Celtic isn’t going to turnaround to Lampard and say, take your time, find your feet; it’s all about delivering results - and quickly! I also think that, at this moment in time, Celtic need a manager with a connection to the Club, which Lampard doesn’t have." 

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Barners reckons that a lack of Old Firm experience would hinder Lampard if he makes the move to Parkhead: “It's huge! And although every single club has rivals…this is rivalry to a whole different level and it’s daunting - that’s for sure! And until you’re part of it, you can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like. It’s brutal!  

“But that aside, going into the next season, the Celtic players need to get behind whatever manager is appointed and become solid challengers to Rangers. Whether they keep the team as it is, or if there’s money to be spent on a few new players I don’t know but whatever team they’ll end up with, they need to find that super important harmony and togetherness and believe they can do it. 

“And Rangers is a great example when it comes to this - they’re all behind Gerrard and have been during the ups and the downs.  

“Up until now, Rangers managers didn't get that. The managers who came before, as soon as they didn't compete with Celtic, they sacked the manager. Steven's first year, they may not have competed, but they understood that they were going in the right direction and that’s so important. So whoever takes over at Celtic, this is what they need to do to their next manager. They can't keep changing managers year in year out, if they don't win the league next year, then they just have to try again.” 

With Lampard out of the running for him, Barnes added who he would like to see at the club next season: “This is why Paul Lambert would be a great choice. I also think Lampard isn’t experienced enough for a club such as Celtic."