STEWART ROBERTSON, the Rangers managing director, is confident a new Ibrox museum will tell the history of the club and Glasgow as the champions enter their 150th year.

Rangers will become the first major European club to reach that landmark next season and they head into a historic campaign with a 55th league title on their honour roll following their Premiership success this term.

Work on New Edmiston House commenced earlier this year and the revamped building will host a club store and events space as well as the museum that will be the centrepiece attraction.

“It is fantastic to see the works actually happening, the enabling works have started, the drainage works have started and we have now got the planning permission in place and building warrants in place for New Edmiston House,” Robertson told RangersTV.

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“This is a really important project for the club, a massive investment for the club, going into its 150th year. A key part of that will be the museum.

“People have talked for many, many years about Rangers having a museum. For a club of Rangers’ size, I personally, and the board, also believe that we should have a museum.

“It is not just something that is going to show objects, it is going to be something that tells the story of Rangers’ heritage, the very rich heritage and history that we have to tell.

“It is a good story to tell. Delighted that we are getting things up and running on that side of things.”

The museum will be split into a series of different themes to tell the story of Rangers’ illustrious history and their greatest triumphs as legendary managers and heroic former players are remembered forever.

Proposals to build a museum space have been highlighted for several years by supporters and they will now get their wish as Rangers prepare to celebrate a landmark campaign and their place within Glasgow and Scottish football.

Robertson said: “It is very much about telling the story. We have got 150 years of history to tell the story, the growth of Rangers is interwoven with the growth of Glasgow and the role that Rangers has played with Glasgow society.

“We want to tell the story, we want to make sure that the supporters can maybe learn things that they are not aware of about the club.

“We have got so many things to show as well. There will be plenty of objects that the supporters will get to see that they have not seen before and it has been fascinating in the period since we started this project what has come to light.

“But we also want to broaden the story out. There are a lot of people come to Glasgow and we want to be on that tourist trail as well and make sure that the Rangers museum is a place people want to come and see when they visit Glasgow.”

The work to get the museum project up and running has been painstaking in recent times and Rangers would employ Joe Morrison as their Collections Assistant to oversee the wide range of trophies, artefacts and trinkets that will be on show.

Some items will be removed from the famous Trophy Room at Ibrox to be part of the exhibition but Robertson is sure the two sites will compliment each other to shine a light on the glorious successes from Rangers’ past.

Robertson said: “I actually feel that the Main Stand is a bit of a museum sometimes and you see the reaction we get to the Trophy Room and the Main Stand when we have European clubs visiting. They are blown away by some of the artefacts we have got in there and the history of the club.

“But this isn’t about decanting the Trophy Room into the museum. This is very much about the two complimenting each other, about looking at what we do with stadium tours as well.

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“It is going to be a tough decision as to what goes into the museum and what goes into the Trophy Room but that is something that we will decide in the coming months.

“I am sure everybody will have an opinion. Importantly, we will seek the fans – through MyGers and season ticket holders – seek their opinions and their views as to what they want to see as well.”