KRIS AJER has shared a heartfelt message with Celtic supporters, players and staff after sealing his move to Brentford.

The defender joined the Premier League side in a deal reportedly worth £13.5million plus add-ons.

Ajer had made his intentions to move on clear this summer, but after making the switch he shared his thanks with all those involved during his time at the club.

There was also a special mention for coach John Kennedy.

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Ajer hailed as Kennedy as "most important person for me" during his time at the club, and stated without the first-team coach the quadruple treble wouldn't have been achieved.

Posting on Instagram, Ajer wrote: "5 years ago I travelled to Glasgow not knowing what to expect.

"The stories I got told seemed incredible, but the very first time I walked out at Celtic Park I truly understood how big a club Celtic really is.

“Football without fans is nothing”, and I want to thank every supporter that has contributed to making my time at Celtic so special.

"I also want to thank the managers that have developed me as a player, back room staff that has helped me through ups and downs, and also my teammates that have become great friends that will last a lifetime.

"A special mention also to John Kennedy, the most important person for me during my time at Celtic. Without him, we would never win the quadruple treble.

"I wish everyone that loves Celtic a successful future, I will always support the club."