The Madison makes its return to the Olympic track cycling schedule this year, with events for both men and women for the first time. 

Team GB, who freqeuntly dominate in the velodrome, will look to do so in the relay event, which is known as the American race in France, having been named after Madison Square Garden. 

With cyclists moving at speeds of up to 60mph, it can be hard to keep up with the rules of each cycling event. 

Here's your guide to the Madison and all of GB's medal hopefuls...

What is the Madison?

The Madison is a relay race event where teams compete over 30km for women and 50km for men.

Team's of two alternate, with only one rider from each team racing at any one time. 

Sprints take place every 10 laps, with 5 points awarded to the winners of the sprints, 3 for second place, 2 for third and one for fourth. 

The final sprint is worth double points. 

20 points can also be awarded for lapping other teams. 

If you are lapped, your team will have 20 points deducted. 

During changeover, athletes must make contact, but it is up to the individual teams to decide when they switch over. 

The winners are decided by the team with the most points at the end of the respective distances. 

It tends to suit partnerships of endurance athletes and sprinters, with Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish having made a successful duo in previous world championships. 

Who are team GB's medal hopes in the Madison?

Laura Kenny, who has won gold in every Olympic event she has ever competed, will team up with Scotland's Katie Archibald in the women's Madison on August 6. 

Meanwhile Ethan Hayter and Matthew Walls will join forces in the men's Madison on August 7.