ANGE Postecoglou has rounded on what he sees as a condescending tone in questions about his tenure at Celtic so far.

The Aussie coach is adamant he’s well aware of the size and scale of the job in hand in rebuilding the club to its former glory.

And Postecoglou admits he’s been irked by any suggestion he’s not aware of what he’s got himself into by entering the Glasgow football caldron.

He said: "To be honest the only thing I don’t like is the condescending nature of the questions that somehow I don’t understand that if we don’t win games of football (the consequences) or that I don’t understand the magnitude of the football club.

“That somehow I’m in charge of the rebuild and I don’t understand the ramifications if I don’t get it right.

“And maybe that’s the intent, maybe people just want to be condescending. That’s up to them.

“In terms of pressure or criticism or scrutiny that’s fair enough. That’s what people who are passionate about the game will do when they analyse a team. I’ve got no issue with that.

"In terms of calling it early, I see no reason why you’d be declaring somebody a champion in September when you have 30 odd games to go.”