FORMER Hearts goalkeeper Bobby Zlamal has launched a bizzare rant where he played down the racist abuse received by Glen Kamara during Rangers' fixture away to Sparta Prague earlier this month.

Kamara - who was racially abused by Slavia Prague's Ondrej Kudela back in March - was routinely booed every time he touched the ball during the 1-0 defeat in the Czech Republic.

Sparta were supposed to play the fixture behind closed doors after being charged by UEFA for racist behaviour during their Champions League qualifier against Ligue 1 side Monaco, but were given special dispensation from European football's governing body to allow 10,000 schoolchildren to attend the game.


Outraged by the reaction of Scottish media who reported on the abuse received by Kamara, Sparta then released a statement demanding the UK media 'leave our kids alone'.

Appearing on iDnes' football podcast, Zlamal launched an astonishing defence of the 10,000 kids - and accused the Scots of 'making war'.

He said: "Nothing good will come of war. The Scots are just making war.

"I will quote Morgan Freeman: 'Racism will disappear when it is no longer talked about'.

"They do the exact opposite. They want to eradicate it, but they do it the wrong way.


"I tried to take it [the Scottish media's reaction to Kamara getting booed] with a grain of salt, but it's starting to bother me a lot.

"They were exaggerating then, but now they accused the children. I have a child and he doesn't know what it is.

"My view is that racism will disappear. The younger generation doesn't know about it at all.

"Nothing good will ever come from hatred. It bothers me that Scotland considers us racists."

Zlamal was fined by Hearts earlier this year after revealing his support for Kudela in an interview in his homeland, where the now-retired goalkeeper claimed "the racism was great for Rangers because it covered up all their shortcomings as Slavia beat them".


When asked about the fine, Zlamal doubled down on his previous comments.

"I did not apologise, I had nothing to do," he said. "I stand behind it.

"I didn't say anything wrong. If someone calls me a racist, it offends me. I don't even want to talk about it.

"Allegations against allegations. I said the presumption of innocence should be honoured.

"You can't convict someone without evidence, not in the western world."