RANGERS have been slapped with a UEFA fine after their Europa League clash with Brondby.

The Ibrox side have been hit with a €5,250 charge after the "lighting and throwing of an object".

Rangers were initially hammered with three charges of "Crowd disturbances, Art. 16(2)(h) DR, Throwing of objects, Art. 16(2)(b) DR and Lighting of fireworks, Art. 16(2)(c) DR".

But UEFA have closed the proceedings over the alleged crowd disturbances, with the fine for "the lighting and throwing of an object" ruled sufficient.

The club will have 90 days to pay the amount to the governing body.

Opponents Brondby, who drew with Rangers on the November 4 meeting, were also fined for a total of €43,000.

Their charge list read: "Crowd disturbances, Art. 16(2)(h) DR, Insufficient limitation of spectator movement, Art. 37.01 SSR, Throwing of objects, Art. 16(2)(b) DR, Blocking of public passageways, Art. 38 SSR, Lighting of fireworks, Art. 16(2)(c) DR,  Illicit chants, Art. 16(2)(e) DR".

The Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body ruled that the Danish side should pay €5,000 fines each for insufficient limitation of spectator movement, throwing of objects and the lighting of fireworks.

The club were billed at €8,000 for the blocking of public passageways, and charged €10,000 each for crowd disturbances and the transmitting of a provocative message of an offensive nature.