CELTIC supporter liaison officer John Paul Taylor has fired a cheeky swipe at former Hearts chairman Leslie Deans after he called for a rematch between the two sides.

Deans claimed that Celtic and Hearts should replay last week's clash, that ended 1-0 to the Hoops, after Barrie McKay was hit with a bottle thrown from the stands.

Celtic SLO saw the funny side as he took to Twitter to provide fans with a 'fixture update'.

He said: "Fixture Update: Looks like we're going to have a fixture pile up due to all the games being replayed for incorrect decisions against us in recent seasons😂🍀"

Deans also said that Hearts should have been awarded the points from last week’s 1-0 Premiership defeat, due to the McKay incident.

“I’m absolutely staggered that there has been no public apology from Celtic to Hearts, Barrie McKay or both,” Deans said.

“A player in their stadium has been assaulted at least once, possibly more. It’s staggering that they have not commented.

“You can well understand that Celtic are embarrassed by this but the fact is it happened. The football authorities have got to take action on this to show everybody thinking along these lines that something will be done. If this had happened under the auspices of UEFA, Celtic would have been thrown out of the competition.

“The very least that should happen here is that the game should be replayed. In fact, there is an argument to say Hearts should be awarded the points.

“Why is that? Well, how can a player concentrate on his job while standing there wondering: ‘What’s coming at me next? I’ve had coins, pies, bottles – is it going to be a dart next?’ You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t think that way.

“Also, if indeed the referee did tell Barrie McKay that stewards were in place [to deal with the issue], then clearly these stewards weren’t doing their jobs.

“The referee should have taken the players off the park when the missiles started and instructed a tannoy announcement that the game would be delayed for ten minutes. The announcement should also have made it clear that, if there was any repeat when play restarted, then the game would be abandoned.

“Thankfully there was no serious injury to any player but it might be different next time. I will await with interest the outcome of this. While it’s right that nobody comments on the case of the individual arrested, that does not stop comment being made.”