Kirsty Muir’s second shot at claiming an Olympic medal has been put on hold after heavy snow-fall caused the postponement of women’s ski-slopestyle qualifying at Genting Snow Park.

With no improvement forecast, officials took the decision to re-schedule the event for Monday morning, with the equivalent men’s competition pushed back to the following day.

The 17-year-old finished fifth in the women’s freestyle Big Air on Tuesday, raising hopes of a first British medal in her favourite event. Team-mate Katie Summerhayes was also scheduled to compete.

Conditions forced the cancellation of women’s downhill training, while 33 competitors – over one third of the field – failed to complete the first run of the men’s giant-slalom.

The heavy snow-fall, which also afflicted the capital city, came after a week of criticism of the conditions, with over one million metric tons of fake snow having been produced to line the piste of the alpine venue in Yanqing.