ANGE POSTECOGLOU says he doesn’t care if Celtic seal the Premiership title themselves against Dundee United on Wednesday or if they win it due to Rangers slipping up against Tam Courts’s men tomorrow afternoon, the important thing is that they have earned it.

The Celtic manager was beaming with pride as his team came from behind to thrash Hearts by four goals to one, all-but confirming them as league winners.

And as the party raged all around Celtic Park, Postecoglou was keen to stress that his players deserved all of the credit for the way they responded to adversity early in the campaign to win the title with games to spare.

“I’ll win it any old way mate, it doesn’t really bother me!” Postecoglou said.

“For us, what’s important is that I think we’ve earned it this year, and that we continue to earn it.

“We’re not collapsing over the line, we’re strong, we’re committed to something. Our performances and the challenges we’re overcoming are reflecting that.

“Any way it comes is fine, and more importantly, I think it’s fully deserved.

“There have been different challenges all the way along but every time they have responded in a way which reflects the beliefs we have and the kind of football team we want to be.

“We have conceded to teams before and fought back - at happened at Ibrox - but we knew today was significant. You could sense there was a nervousness, even around the stadium. 

“But it’s always about how people deal with that. I never had any doubts, it didn’t worry me, but I’m sure people were looking to see how we’d respond.

“But this group finds a way to respond, while not veering away from the basic values and fundamentals we have as a football team.

“I am sure they are proud of their own performances and how they dealt with it.

“We are now looking forward to Wednesday. I said to the boys before the game that there are many ways you can finish something off. 

“You can collapse through the finishing tape or you can go through it at top speed. And that’s what we want to do. It’s what we’ve been going all year.

“We’ll go hard on Wednesday and get back here and go hard again in the last game.”

Postecoglou says he won’t be paying attention tothe Rangers match tomorrow, as he will be at the cinema with his family.

“As I’ve said before, my boys take charge,” he said.

“There’s a new flick out called The Bad Guys, so that’s on the agenda tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes.”