IAN Maxwell says that the SFA are taking their lead from FIFA as they look to review their policy towards transgender players taking part in women’s football.

The current rules allow matches to be played with both male and female participants up until the age of 16, and in accordance with Scottish Women’s Football, the SFA have committed to ‘permit transgender people to compete in their affirmed gender while balancing this with its role in providing fair play and competition and protecting the integrity of women’s competitions.’

The current policy states that players over the age of 16 must disclose a ‘blood measured testosterone level…within the acceptable range to participate in female domestic competition and that is in line with any anti-doping regulations’ in order to compete in the women’s game, but Maxwell says the current guidance may be subject to change.

“We have an existing transgender policy which we are in the process of reviewing,” Maxwell said. “We have been doing that for a period of time.

“Listen, it’s a very emotive and very sensitive subject. I think it is clear to see that a number of sporting bodies are in the process of reviewing policy and there are slightly different variations.

“FIFA are working up what they think should happen in football and we need to be aware of what that looks like and take input and guidance from that.

“But it is very much under review in terms of Scottish football.”