THE trappings of success are usually many and varied. For Reese Lynch, becoming the first Scot last year to land a medal at the AIBA world championships saw him make history, win a place on the Team GB squad and get a nod of congratulations from world champion Josh Taylor in the process.

The 20 year-old will be one of the leading contenders to claim a Commonwealth Games boxing gold medal next month, following in the footsteps of his hero Taylor whose victory at Glasgow 2014 proved the catalyst for a professional career that has taken him all the way to the rarefied air of undisputed world champion.

Lynch doesn’t necessarily expect the same outcome for himself – he doesn’t plan on turning over into the pro ranks even if he takes gold – but seeing the success Taylor has enjoyed off the back of Commonwealth Games glory is added incentive as he gears up for Birmingham.

“You definitely take inspiration from other Scottish boxers who’ve done well at the Commonwealth Games then had successful careers after turning pro,” he admits. “You look at what Josh Taylor has done since winning gold in 2014 and then going on to become undisputed world champion.

“That shows what a great platform this can be for all of us amateurs. You look up to him and what he’s done and hope that you can go on a similar journey one day.

“I’ve never met Josh but he tweeted me after I got a medal at the worlds. I should have printed it out and got it framed in my bedroom!

“I’m feeling confident going into the Commonwealth Games. I only really want the gold to be honest. I suppose any medal would still be good but my eyes are strictly on the gold. It’s all about winning for me.

“There would be nothing better than winning the gold and hearing the national anthem playing while you’re at the top of the podium. I’ll be singing my heart out if that happens! That sounds like a nice outcome to me.”

Taking bronze at those world championships in Belgrade last October has proved life-changing for Lynch who, along with team-mate Sam Hickey, now makes the weekly four-hour car journey from his home in Fauldhouse to train with the British team in Sheffield.

“Getting a medal at the worlds was huge for me as my life changed massively straight after that,” he reveals. “I got straight into the Team GB set-up after that. I didn’t even have to do assessments. And I got a few more followers on Instagram too which is always a bonus!

“I surprised myself by how well I did. I knew I had the potential to get a medal as I’d been up against top-class fighters in previous competitions and had success. But when it’s such a big event like a world championship you don’t really expect it.

“But I was able to deliver and it meant so much to me to become the first Scottish fighter to win a medal at that tournament. It was a big achievement.”

For the next month it’s all about Team Scotland as the preparations continue for the Games. And having another former world champion in his corner in the form of coach Ricky Burns has been another huge plus for Lynch.

“Ricky has been brilliant to work with. He’s just one of the boys really. You would think having somebody who was a former world champion around you they’d be really arrogant but Ricky’s not like that at all. He’s just totally down to earth.

“I’ve done a lot of training with him and he knows what he’s talking about. He’s good on the pads. He’s an absolute workhorse as a fighter and it’s the same as a coach.”

There will be a clamour for Lynch to turn professional should he realise his personal ambition by taking gold at the Games but the super-lightweight has another target in mind.

“I don’t think I’ll be turning pro afterwards to be honest, regardless of what happens,” he adds. “I want to get into the Olympics so that’s hopefully the next target after this one. But I have to focus everything on doing well at these Games.

“A lot of my family will come down if they can get tickets. People keep asking me how they can watch me and I just tell them to go online and see. I don’t know how it works! But hopefully a good amount will travel down as it’s not that far. And it’s not that often that you’ve got an event like this on your doorstep.”