ALAN HUTTON reckons Ukraine could've been reduced to ten men in the first-half when Valeriy Bondar clattered into Che Adams.

The Scotland striker had turned one defender and knocked the ball past Bondar as he looked to burst clear on goal before being smashed to the ground.

The Ukraine stopper stepped across the sprinting Adams leaving the striker winded and needing minor treatment before he could continue.

Bondar was cautioned by referee Maurizio Mariani despite cries for a red card from the terraces at Hampden. VAR was in operation for the match but was not involved in the incident.

And speaking on Premier Sports, ex-Scotland defender Hutton suggested Bondar could've been further punished for the rash challenge.

Asked whether the tackle denied a goalscoring opportunity or warranted a red due to the force of the collision, Hutton said: "I think because of the force. I am just thinking from a defenders  point of view here.

"He actually realizes he can't win the ball when Adams knocks it out his feet and the he steps in towards him and the force is obviously huge between the two of them.

"For me it's more than a yellow. Maybe not a red, but it should be more than a yellow."

Fellow pundit Kenny Miller wasn't in agreement as he insisted the referee made the right call despite the fierce protests for a red card.

He joked: "It's an orange.

"I don't think it's a red card. I think he has got it right. Firstly, it's brilliant striker play from Che Adams.

"I think the defender knows he's not getting it so steps across the line and because of the power of the running from Che Adams that's where a bit of the force is.

"I think he's got it right. It might be an orange but it's not a red."