DAVE KING will vote against the re-appointment of Douglas Park to the Ibrox board at the Rangers AGM next month.

And the former chairman has warned the club will stagnate on and off the field unless there are key changes around the top table and in the corridors of power sooner rather than later.

King held a Q&A session with members of Club 1872 on Monday evening as he addressed concerns from supporters and shareholders regarding a range of issues from the current managerial hunt to his own investment in Rangers.

Park declined the opportunity to take questions from members after refusing to respond to Club 1872 and King has been a vocal critic of the way in which motor mogul has conducted business throughout his tenure as chairman.

King was succeeded by Park in the top job when he stepped down from the board in 2020 but he remains the largest individual shareholder in RIFC plc.

The South Africa-based businessman used his vote to oppose the re-election of Graeme Park 12 months ago and will now choose not to give his support to Park Snr this time around.

King will also vote against Resolution Seven and Resolution Eight - which deal with the allotment of shares to specific stakeholders - when the AGM is held on December 6 in Glasgow.

King said: “The fact is, I was already having concerns about where this regime was headed. These concerns went back.

“I felt some of the things happening were unacceptable, un Rangers-like. The treatment of ex players, the treatment of supporters.

“I felt voting against Graeme would make that point. I had to put my money where my mouth was and use my vote to go along with what my concerns were.

“It was heading in the wrong direction. I didn’t like the way Steven (Gerrard) was forced out of the club.

“It’s not the way to treat people that delivered a title for us. I couldn’t not vote with my conscience.

“The situation is recoverable. I think we can be back winning the title, but the way things are going at the moment, unless changes are made to the leadership of the board, the leadership and executive of the club, I fear we will be stagnating for a long time to come."