In a major boost to Celtic and Rangers, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has insisted the European Super League is dead.

Scotland's biggest clubs would have been on the outside looking in as Europe's elite looked to gobble up the major finance on offer to the game on the peninsula.

And the Slovenian insists there will be no resurrection of the proposed Super League plan, meaning the Champions League status quo will remain for now.

He said: "The old proverb says that misfortune never comes alone. While the whole world was looking for a way out of the crisis caused by the pandemic, a handful of powerful people tried to take advantage of it and privatise elite football for their own selfish interests.

"They failed and always will. Because football is part of our culture and tradition - it belongs to everyone, to each of us. I am extremely proud of how the European football family has responded to both challenges. That synergy of UEFA, the Federation, leagues, clubs and fans is truly unique."

The Scottish Premiership and top-tier leagues throughout Europe are on hold for over a month to accommodate the World Cup in Qatar and Ceferin also claimed there will never ever be another major tournament in the middle of the season.

Ceferin also had a dig at FIFA's policy of extended injury time which has been a feature of the tournament.

He said: "I am sure of one thing - the winter World Cup is not good for football and will not happen again, because it burdens the calendar of competitions and national leagues too much.

"FIFA did announce that they will calculate the lost time more strictly, but I have to admit that we are all surprised by such a long stoppage time in the opening matches.

"Medical interventions, frequent delays, increased number of substitutions and VAR affect the effective playing time, but I think the right measure should be found.

"In the Champions League, for example, about 60 minutes are played effectively without such compensations. I think that's a good guideline. UEFA will definitely not follow this principle that FIFA applies in its tournament."