Derek McInnes blasted VAR after his Kilmarnock side were reduced to 10 men in defeat to Hibs at Easter Road.

Striker Kyle Vassell saw red for a high foot on Marijan Cabraja, with John Beaton giving a yellow card in the first instance.

It confirmed another defeat on the road for Killie, who will make it a year without an away league win if they don’t beat Rangers at Ibrox next month, and while McInnes didn’t blame the technology he shared his frustration.

He said: “We’re all here and there’s no sense that’s a red card.

“You can sniff a bad challenge, you can sniff a red card and something that makes you uneasy. When it goes to the VAR room, John deals with it at the time and thought it merited a yellow and he’s standing right next to it.

“I didn’t even think it was a yellow, Kyle’s tried to pull out and the Hibs player’s gone forward into him.

The Herald: Kyle Vassell is sent off for Kilmarnock at Easter Road (SNS)Kyle Vassell is sent off for Kilmarnock at Easter Road (SNS) (Image: SNS)

“I think Kyle’s got his eyes on the ball the whole time, he’s tried to keep his foot still and there’s no forward movement. But you’re in a sanitised room 50-odd miles away watching that over-and-over again and saying to the referee ‘you need to have a look at that’.

“The game’s gone mad, that is not a red card. I’m sick to death of this VAR. It’s our turn this week, there will be someone else in Scotland suffering today.

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“An experience referee dealt with what he saw standing next to the incident, yet it goes all the way to them and there’s pressure on him to maybe look at it differently. It’s never a red.

“I think there was real surprise and shock from a Hibs perspective – you know a dangerous challenge, you know a red card offence. It was ridiculous and we’ve seen loads of them recently.

"We'll put an appeal in but you just need to hope someone knows the game, is seeing and viewing that for what it was. They missed the opportunities as we all did to see it live so they are watching it time and time again, the folk in the VAR. That is not a red card offence. It is not just today it impacts on but it takes away from us in terms of mounting a challenge to get something from the game.

"It's the impact it has on the upcoming games for a player who has done well for me and is very important for me. Sick to death with it to be honest.

"VAR technology is there but it is still human opinion. It is still their perspective on what it is. I don't know, we just need to be better at making the key decisions.

"That is a key decision. I think the referee dealt with it, move. There was no one looking for anything else and neither they should have been. I was frustrated at the fourth official that he's given a yellow. I'd take the yellow now.

"I feel for the boy and I feel it is our turn this week, Kilmarnock, and we suffer for it. It wasn't why we lost the game but it is such a poor lack of judgement from the people in the VAR room. It's somebody every week."