Dundee United chairman Mark Ogren insists he has no plans for immediate changes at the club despite fan outrage over the current predicament.

Fans had protested against sporting director Tony Asghar with 'Asghar Out' banners displayed outside the stadium and pressure also mounting on manager Liam Fox with the club bottom of the Scottish Premiership.

Despite fan frustration, Ogren insists there are no plans to change club personnel as he reaffirmed his commitment to the club - even if relegation becomes a reality.

"We all have to come together and figure this thing out," said Ogren in an interview with club media.

"I've been asked several times: 'Are we going to make any changes in certain positions within the club?' No.

"I have no plans to make any immediate changes at this point. We just need to come together collectively.

"It'd be easy to stick our heads in the sand and hope our problems go away, you can do that or you can fight. And we are going to fight our way through it."

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He added: "The long term strategy we are still on, we're bang on that strategy. There are going to be ups and downs.

"Last year quite frankly, we exceeded our expectations. Certainly, this season has been a massive disappointment.

"Obviously I hope for the best for this year but there are some things that are just going to be completely out of our control.

"People continue to ask me: 'Are you committed to the club?', I am absolutely committed to the club.

"I have put a lot of money into this club. So wherever we do end up, we're going to address it and move on."

While Ogren remains confident in the long-term future for the club, he did admit he can understand the vast fan disappointment.

"Absolutely. It's that passion that drew us to the club to begin with. 

"People are disappointed, people are mad about the current situation and I absolutely get that.

"Most of our fans and supporters are very supportive of what we have got going on, obviously there is some concern.

"We've had a fairly large group of fans that have offered some constructive criticism of what is happening at the club and by all means, I don't mind hearing that, I need to hear those types of things."

In an impassioned appeal to fans, Ogren concluded: "We need our fans more than ever. I know you're disgruntled, I know you're thinking 'should I be buying a ticket, should I be spending any money on the club because I am not happy with where we are at?'

"I'm not happy with where we are at, there is not anybody affiliated with this club that is happy with where we are at.

"But we need your support now more than ever. We need you to buy tickets, we need you to come to the games, we need you to support the players.

"During the game, we need you to cheer for the players and together we will get out of this."