Largs is notable for its beautiful beach, ice cream, and of course, its Viking history.

Derek McInnes will be hopeful that his Kilmarnock players can muster up some of that combative spirit the Vikings were so renowned for when they head to Aberdeen on Saturday.

To enable his side to train on grass ahead of the encounter at Pittodrie, Killie have booked out pitches for two days at the Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre.

It’s not a new tactic used by McInnes, nor the Ayrshire club. Last year, Killie trained on grass pitches prior to some of their away games during their run-in for the Championship title success. There have been occasions this season when training on grass has been organised too, although not for a while.

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With a turn in the weather over recent weeks, McInnes feels it’s right for the Rugby Park club to try to spice things up in a bid to overturn their dismal away form in the North East this weekend, as they look to build on that impressive win over Hearts.

“I remember last year we had something similar,” the boss explained. “Our home form was really good after we came in and we weren’t quite getting the same outcomes away from home.

“There were a few more astroturf pitches in the Championship than in the Premiership, so it wasn’t the biggest factor.

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“But I remember we trained at Troon Juniors a couple of times before we played Ayr on a Friday night at Somerset and we won the game. We tried it a couple of times.

“Unfortunately, at this stage of the season, although everyone has their views on astroturf pitches, a lot of the grass pitches are in pretty poor condition at the minute and you don’t want it to be detrimental to the session, training on a really poor surface.

“But it’s the greater good. What do you do? Largs is normally pretty dry and has good surfaces. It can get pretty boggy and saturated and heavy pitches over the winter and we thought it was counter-productive over the past few weeks to go down there. But in this instance, we just feel it is incumbent on us to try something different. 

“We are trying the preparation differently, the training different in terms of doing the two days in the early part of the week on grass rather than on a Thursday as well.

“But, ultimately, you can look at all different reasons and try to prepare the best, but it comes down to 3pm on a Saturday and, hopefully, we are good enough.”

He added: “I remember Geoff Brown when I was at St Johnstone. I fought tooth and nail to get an overnight stay when we played Ross County.

“I recall him saying: ‘So do you guarantee me a win if we stay up on Friday night’. I said: ‘I can’t guarantee anything, but I can guarantee we will have prepared better’.

“We went up and we drew the game. He said: ‘See, it doesn’t make a difference’.

“The following time I asked him, he said no and we went up and beat them, so who is right and who is wrong! But for me, it is just about the preparation.”