A trailblazing Glasgow football league has once again rallied behind Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr – and demanded Spanish football adopts strict liability to tackle its racism problem.

The Brazilian winger was subjected to appalling racist abuse during Real’s La Liga weekend fixture at Valencia, the latest in a shameful series of incidents he has suffered through this season alone. The 22-year-old is reportedly considering his future in Spain, having been left feeling that authorities have not done enough to clamp down on an issue that continues to shame football.

And now he has received firm backing all the way from Scotland in the form of the Scottish Unity Football League (SUFL), who made international headlines earlier this year with a previous show of support for Vinicius. The SUFL, established in Glasgow 23 years ago to ‘challenge racism and prejudice’, have urged Spanish football bosses to follow UEFA and the English Premier League in introducing strict liability – a rule that would ensure clubs are held accountable for the behaviour of their fans.

The SUFL itself operates a strict zero tolerance policy on discrimination, with severe bans handed out to any players found guilty of such offences. Abdul Bostani, former league president and currently managing director at SUFL side Afghan United, has called on La Liga and the Spanish Football Association to hold an extraordinary general meeting and bring in tougher measures to protect players. Bostani believes the majority of Spanish citizens will be appalled by the scenes which unfolded at the Mestalla Stadium on Sunday, and wants to see action definitive action taken to ensure they are never repeated.

“The continued abuse of Vinicius Jr must stop,” he said. “It is totally unacceptable what this young man is having to endure in his place of work.

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“We would urge the Spanish Football authorities to call now an extraordinary meeting to seek to adopt UEFA's Strict Liability code of conduct. Spanish clubs seem to have no objection to sign up to its standards when they play in Europe, so it would seem strange if they opposed it in their own country.

“The reputational damage to Spanish football and Spain itself, is really bad too. I have friends in Spain who are disgusted by the consistency of racism towards Vinicius.

“Regretfully, prejudice exists in many if not all parts of the world. Our own Unity League was a reaction to recognising it exists here in Scotland too. We believe that the vast majority of the people of Spain are like the Scots too, good people who are opposed to racism. It is time the voices of Spain's people are heard above the ignorance of a loud racist mob who do a discredit to their great country and its wonderful citizens.

“Let's all have our voice heard in calling for Justice For Junior. Why not call Spain's adoption of Strict Liability: ‘Vinicius’ Law’.

“As it was once said ' for evil to flourish, good men need do nothing."