Scotland are heading to Germany - and the fans are ready for a party.

Supporters are planning their travel and accommodation plans for next summer's European Championships.

It's not yet clear where Scotland will play their games or be based to prepare for their matches.

But the draw for the competition is fast approaching. 

Here are all of the details you need to know about the Euro 2024 draw...

When is the draw for Euro 2024? 

The draw will take place TOMORROW on Saturday, December 2. 

It will commence at 5pm UK time. 

It will be held in Hamburg, Germany.

Is the draw for Euro 2024 on TV and can I live stream it?

While it has not yet been announced that the draw is on TV, thankfully the draw will be available to watch. 

UEFA will broadcast the draw live on their official website, YouTube channel and app.

Who could Scotland get in the draw? 

The Pots for next summer's European Championships have officially been determined.

Scotland will be pulled out of the hat from Pot 3. All other teams have also been assigned their section, including those involved in the Nations League play-offs - who will enter Pot 4 if successful.

Pot 1 - Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, England

Pot 2 - Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Albania, Turkey, Romania

Pot 3 - Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Croatia

Pot 4 - Serbia, Switzerland, Italy, Play-off winner A (Wales, Poland, Estonia), Play-off winner B (Israel, Iceland, Bosnia, Ukraine), Play-off winner C (Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece, Kazakhstan)

Where will the Euro 2024 games be played? 

There are 10 host cities as part of the tournament. It all kicks off in Munich on June 14, with the final taking place exactly a month later in Berlin.

Full list of host cities - Berlin: Olympiastadion, Cologne: Cologne Stadium, Dortmund: BVB Stadion Dortmund, Dusseldorf: Düsseldorf Arena, Frankfurt: Frankfurt Arena, Gelsenkirchen: Arena AufSchalke, Hamburg: Volksparkstadion Hamburg, Leipzig: Leipzig Stadium, Munich: Munich Football Arena, Stuttgart: Stuttgart Arena.

How can I get tickets for Euro 2024?

As mentioned, thousands have already booked up travel and accommodation for Germany even although there is yet no indication of where Scotland will be based for their games. 

It seems it will be a case of planes, trains and automobiles for fans keen to watch the country at another major tournament in quick succession after the last Euros in 2021.

The first phase of the ticket ballot which was open to the public closed in October. Around 1.2 million tickets were sold as part of this process. The second part of this ballot will take place following the play-offs in March.

It's believed that each member association will receive 9,500 tickets per game. So with 38,000 members of the Scotland Supporters Club, there will be many left disappointed, unfortunately.