Todd Cantwell believes he can deliver for Rangers and he has some previous on that front. Whereas the former Norwich City forward will be expected to provide goals and assists for Michael Beale’s side, back in his native Norfolk it was Christmas presents he was doling out to excited children in his hometown of Dereham.

Cantwell asked if any of his social media followers would be interested in receiving a visit and a gift from him and if so to hang balloons outside of their home. There was no shortage of interest, with the 24 year-old estimating he donated around 80 presents before the big day last month.

Needless to say he isn’t committing to doing the same in Glasgow, given how long it might take and the fact that he might not be welcomed as warmly at every door. But the gesture speaks to a young man who appreciates the hand he has been dealt in life and an awareness of the need to give something back.

“Sometimes footballers don’t really realise the power they have to influence people,” he reasoned. “That’s something I took great pride in at Norwich, being a lad who wanted to be the lad that I’ve become in many senses.

“Something like that is so powerful and moving for little kids and families going through tough times. To have someone knock on your door and give you a present like you see on TV can be what Christmas is really about. It’s not about what you’re given, it's about families and being there and making people smile.

“I think I’ve got a good appreciation of the position I’m in. And how quickly I couldn’t have been in the position I’m in. I’ve got a lot of friends who were with me in the academy who aren’t lucky enough to be professional footballers.

“If I was a little kid and a Norwich City player at that time knocked on my door to wish me happy Christmas and give me a present I’d have been the happiest kid in the world. I looked at it like that.

“I’ve always loved Christmas and it was something I thought long and hard about. And then I thought, why am I thinking long and hard about it? It was simple. I should just go and do it. So I did.”

It didn’t always go to plan, however. “It was funny one time as there was one house where the balloons were up for a birthday party,” he smiled. “So that was a bit awkward.”

Cantwell knows the streets of his home village like the back of his hand but admits to have lost his way somewhat in a football sense in recent years. Linked with moves to both Manchester clubs, Tottenham and Newcastle United during a period when he was playing every week in the Premier League, the big-money transfer simply never happened for him.

Youth is still on his side, however, and he believes there is much more to come to him as he prepares for a possible Rangers debut this weekend.

“Any footballer would be lying to you if he said he doesn’t want to play on the biggest stage, the Champions League, and didn’t want to play for the biggest teams,” he admitted. “So it has been difficult at times but everyone has a story for a reason. I definitely feel my best years are ahead of me. I think the Todd Cantwell that has been seen so far is probably a fraction of the Todd Cantwell that will hopefully come out. I know there is so much more I can bring and so much more I can do. I’m just ready to show that now.

“I have been around a lot of different players in my career and played with some of the very best in the country. And I know exactly where I sit in terms of ability. So for me it’s just about getting that out of myself, and being with a manager that allows me to do so. The last couple of seasons haven’t gone the way I wanted them to but I can’t take away what I did achieve.”

There was no hesitation about moving to Scotland, either, the player taking the view that he would rather discover what it is like for himself than take the word of others.

“Everyone’s experiences of things are different, aren’t they? Someone might come to the league and say it’s horrific, they hate it and don’t want to be here.

“And someone could come and say it was fantastic, they loved it and it was so much better than they thought. For me, you’ve got to take your own experiences and look at it as a fresh challenge. I’ve got a real expectation to come here and do well.”