THE latest phase of tickets for next summer's EURO2020 finals will go on sale on Wednesday, December 4 UEFA has announced.

Fans of the 20 nations already qualified for the tournament will have a two-week window to snap-up tickets exclusively at, the tournament's official website before applications close on December 18.

Should Scotland progress to the finals following the play-off series against Israel and Norway or Serbia next March, tickets will be made available shortly after the completion of those games with an allocation of 28,000 tickets each set aside for the potential Group D clash against England at Wembley and 20,000 each for the two group matches at Hampden. 


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There will also be 12,000 tickets available for supporters of the participating teams for the Round of 16 game at the national stadium. Meanwhile, fans of the teams that reach the final will each receive 26,000 tickets for the showpiece on July 12 at Wembley.

More than half the tickets being made available for all games will be in the cheapest price category with group stage tickets at Hampden starting at around £42. 

This latest round of sales follows on from the release of 1.5m tickets in summer 2019 and will adhere to the application conditions set out by the relevant football association of each qualifying team. Fans will be able to use this process to apply for tickets to group matches or 'Follow my Team' tickets, which allow fans to attend a knockout stage match involving their team irrespective of the venue. 

It will also offer more supporters the chance to watch games through UEFA's EURO2020 Fans First programme.

Under the strategy supporters of all qualified teams can apply for tickets to the semi-finals and final. These tickets will be sold conditionally to supporters with refunds available if their team is knocked out before the semi-final or final.


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More tickets available for general public

Fans who do not meet the criteria set by their FA or who do not follow a specific team are encouraged again to apply via the public balllot on, where the next tranche of tickets will also be availabe from December 4 at 1pm.

All hope is not lost if you are unsuccessful since applicants who fail to secure tickets at this point may be invited to purchase any available tickets at a later stage.

Tickets for fans requiring easy access seats, as well as for wheelchair users, will be sold at the same price as the lowest category 3 tickets, regardless of seat position.