We have arrived at International week, a week that strikes fear into managers under pressure all over the country. Why?

Because it's traditionally a time when gaffers in Scotland are either hired or fired. Chairmen think to themselves, let’s bump the current manager and get someone new in now so they have a couple of weeks to get to know the players in training without the pressure of an upcoming match.

It's amazing how many times it happens during the international break, almost like clockwork.

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HeraldScotland: 'Stand-out candidate' Derek McInnes

On this occasion however, it looks like the current hot-seat incumbents are safe to answer the phone calls from their chairman. But there are some high-profile vacancies to be filled at two of our biggest clubs, namely Rangers and Dundee United.

There can be no doubt that the coming weeks could see seismic changes in the landscape of Scottish football, when decisions will be made that could shape the future for either your own club or your biggest rivals.

The fabled managerial roundabout is just about to go into full overdrive, and the spin-offs from that will impinge on clubs all over Scotland.

Let's begin with Rangers. Despite all their trials and tribulations this season under Pedro Caixinha, they incredibly sit just six points behind Celtic in the league table. Back-to-back wins under the guidance of the steely Graeme Murty have dragged the ship back from the rocks.

But they need an experienced manager in the door quickly who knows the Scottish game. I have no doubt that the powers that be at Rangers will currently be formulating a plan to lure Derek McInnes from Aberdeen.

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They could have saved themselves time and a load of money by doing it previously, before taking a flyer on an unknown Portuguese journeyman. They surely won't make that same mistake again?

It would be unforgivable to at least not try to get the stand-out candidate for the job. I would expect them to make that move this week and, whilst I don't see any issue with the compensation between the clubs, I do see an issue with what funds McInnes would have available to him at Rangers.

For me, that can be the only barrier to him taking the Ibrox job. Precisely just how much he would have in his transfer budget to get closer to Celtic and try to stop them getting ten in a row will be a major factor. If it is an amount that he thinks can push Rangers closer, I fully expect him to be their next manager.

If that does happen and he leaves Aberdeen, two managers heading up any list to replace him would have to be Tommy Wright and Jack Ross.

Wright has done a phenomenal job at St Johnstone in recent years – consistently keeping the Perth club in the top six of the Premiership, above clubs with far bigger budgets and fan bases. But he has cut an exasperated figure in recent months as his team have struggled badly to score goals.

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He may think he has hit his ceiling at the Saints and the timing may now be right for him to move on to bigger and better things. I would think he would jump at the chance of a job like Aberdeen.

Jack Ross is another one at the head of any potential list for a big job such as Aberdeen after initially earning his spurs at Alloa, but then taking a St Mirren team who looked destined for League One to the top of the Championship in a year. He is a tremendous young manager doing a fantastic job at the Saints, and, although he turned down the Dundee job, you would think he wouldn't say no to the Dons. It could be that, if Wright goes to Aberdeen, someone like Ross could also be a target for St Johnstone.

With so much potential trading of places, it is going to be interesting to see who gets the Dundee United job.

It is a critical appointment for them. I would have thought that if they wanted an out-of-work coach they would have had him in by now, someone like Jim McIntyre.

Names like Csaba Laszlo and John Hughes have not filled the United faithful with confidence or optimism, and again if United really wanted them they would be at Tannadice right now.

That leads me to believe they have their eyes on a coach currently in a job. Rumours have swirled around Wright going to United, but although they are a bigger club, that looks a non-starter to me. Stranger things have indeed happened, but will United at least ask the question?

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Again, like Rangers, they cannot afford to get this decision wrong and go for the cheap option. It will be catastrophic if they don't get out the Championship this season with the amount they have invested in the playing squad.

It will cost money to go for the best man for the job, like a Wright, but it will be money well spent if they can get Dundee United out of the Championship and back to the top end of Scottish football again. You can't keep throwing good money after bad.

They always say when one manager leaves a club, it can set in motion a chain reaction. If McInnes, and it remains a big if, leaves Aberdeen for Rangers, some clubs will be barricading the doors to keep their prize assets.

That domino effect will be in full flow. Some fans will get who they want and pull a double six, while others will be left chapping.