CRAIG MORGAN grew up dreaming of becoming the next Prince Naseem Hamed. Now he sees the titles won by fellow Scots Ricky Burns, Josh Taylor and Kash Farooq in recent times and wants to follow in their footsteps instead.

Morgan is still only 19, but is already a southpaw featherweight with a growing reputation. The Kelty fighter has won all five of his professional fights and will look to make it six this month when he boxes on the undercard of Farooq’s British title defence at the St Andrew’s Sporting Club.

Morgan knows he still has a bit to go before he is fighting for belts of his own but he sees the success enjoyed by other Scottish boxers and knows it isn’t beyond his capabilities.

“It’s a good time for Scottish boxing,” he said. “Business is booming. Everyone is watching Josh Taylor and wanting to be him, and the same with Kash Farooq. Although they’re both different weights they’ve both made it. They’re role models for the rest of us coming through.

“I grew up watching Prince Naseem and I always wanted to be him. But when you’re growing up in the time of Taylor and Farooq you forget about what got you into boxing and you’re focusing on what’s happening at the present. And these are the guys you want to emulate.

“Guys like Ricky Burns too who’s still in the game and who fought Terence Crawford who might be the best pound-for-pound fighter around. They’re the present and I want to be the future.

“My goal is just to be the best I can be. In 10 years’ time if I don’t think I’m going to be a world champion then at least I’ll know I put everything into it. I think I will be a world champion if I put my head and heart into it. Whatever you put into it you get back.”

Morgan is not short of support His hometown of Kelty empties whenever he is fighting in Glasgow and even Barry Ferguson, manager of the local team, Kelty Hearts, is on board now too.

“You wouldn’t expect it as it’s a tiny village but at a recent MTK show I brought 157 people with me to watch,” he said. “I had six minibuses leaving the house. It was like a ghost town! I stay just on the outskirts so they were all driving to my house and then getting in the minibuses to the fight. It’s a small community but we all stick together.

“Barry Ferguson manages the football team and I was with him not that long ago. One of my sponsors is the treasurer of Kelty Hearts and he introduced me to Barry so I was in getting photos done. He’s supporting me now. If he doesn’t make it down he’ll be following on the telly I’m sure.”

With the event being broadcast live on the new BBC channel, Morgan knows it’s a chance to shine.

“It’s a big fight on the BBC and the St Andrew’s shows are always really good. I’m glad to be back on the bill again as everyone always wants to come back to them. I can’t wait for another good night of boxing.

“I’m starting to find my man strength now I’m 19 and I’m dropping my opponents more frequently. In my last fight I dropped him twice and he was a guy with 80 fights on his record who had only been stopped four or five times. Hopefully I can get a knock-out next time.”