Andy Murray said last night that winning his second Wimbledon title in 2016 and carrying the flag at the Rio Olympics were the highlights of his glorious career.

Murray won the 2012 Olympics, picked up his first grand slam title at the US Open the same year and then ended a 77-year drought as he won Wimbledon in 2013.

But despite 45 titles in all and even though he led Britain to Davis Cup glory in 2015, it was two events the following year that stood out above everything else.

“It’s a difficult one but two things stand out to me; the second Wimbledon, and carrying the flag at the Olympics.

“That was an off-court thing, there are not loads of things off the court that relate to my tennis. They don’t for me anywhere close to that. They would be the two things which tennis has given me that I would say are the high points.”

And Murray said he didn’t think he would ever be able to replace the buzz he felt on the match court, especially in a major final.

“Maybe you can (do it) by taking certain substances, but you cannot recreate the high of winning Wimbledon or winning a Davis Cup,” he said. “You cannot do that.

“As much as the lows of losing here for a fifth time hurts, I always had that as a motivation. Even in the low points it was something that gave me drive and motivation to get up and work hard and do stuff.

“I don’t anticipate being able to replace that and again that’s something that maybe when I finish I will be happy, living a more stable life. But I don’t think I will be ever able to replace the highs and lows that tennis have given me. I don’t see that happening.”