The neighbouring Garage is overflowing with young folks thrilling to Californian metalcore Of Mice And Men while there are 30 of us at most for all-female Manchester quartet PINS.

I'd wager, however, that the next time they visit the crowd will be somewhat larger.

PINS are the post-punk Runaways we never got. There's lots of Siouxsie in the mix, a bold slab of My Bloody Valentine, and a beguiling touch of The Bangles, especially in frontwoman Faith Holgate. She and statuesque bassist Anna Donigan formed the band under two years ago, recruiting fiesty guitarist Lois Macdonald and then drummer Lara Williams. The foursome play great and they look great too – the mutual grooming of fringe maintenance must put in the time on the tour bus.

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LuvU4Lyf and Say To Me, both on their Bella Union EP, are among the best of their current set, which fell away a little towards the end. Local support Honeyblood – singer and guitarist Stina Tweeddale and gloriously insouciant drummer Shona McVicar – may actually have more quality songs in their portfolio. And it seemed that their hometown following also outnumbered those who'd come to see PINS.