If you had heard any one of the 17 tracks on this complication individually, I doubt that you would place them as the bedroom recording project of a bearded bloke in Edinburgh, but then that is not the whole story.

It is the nature of modern music-making that SciFi Stu could create his hip-hop backing tracks, put them out there on the internet on whatever platform was currently fashionable (and some of these date back to when it was MySpace) and see what happened.

What happened is that his work has been championed by DJs on stations on both coasts of the US as well as here in the UK, and found partners in a whole tribe of rap talent.

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It's not hard to see why: while there are more experimental outings like No Set Flow, many of these tracks have a very easy-on-the-ear R'n'B groove, with a fondness for jazzy piano figures which lends itself to any lyrical approach at all. That skill is detectable as far back as Stu's first single, The Will, and as the subsequent Dum Dum Dum shows, "keep it simple, stupid" is advice he has kept close to his heart.