Anyone bold enough to tackle a Sun Ra tune is worth a moment of one's time, and Benedic Lamdin, a producer and sound-sculptor who contributes but a smidgen of guitar-playing to his own album, fashions eight and a half minutes from the alien one's Angels and Demons at Play.

It is the most "out" track on what is a very approachable disc from a loose octet that includes piano maestro Matthew Bourne, reedsman James Allsopp, trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta, drummer Tim Giles and bassist Riaan Vosloo, many of whom can also be found in those fine groups Twelves and The Golden Age of Steam.

The Sun Ra track is followed by some updated bop in Kenny Dorham's Sunrise in Mexico (featuring excellent Hammond organ from Ross Stanley) and the sole Allsopp composition, Zippy Slipper, is distinctly redolent of early Miles Davis, which gives a broad idea of the heritage that the band are building upon. However, there's also the flavour of the 1990s' Bristol scene trip hop, and the compositions of bassist Vosloo that make up the bulk of the disc give a distinctly funky thrust to the first half of the set.

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