Baraka (R/I) (U)


Dir: Ron Fricke

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Runtime: 96 minutes

IF you found director-cinematographer Ron Fricke's recent Samsara dazzling, here's one he made 20 years earlier. Fricke and producer Mark Magidson travelled to 24 countries, from Japan and Brazil to Iran and China, filming as they went. All of human life is here as people are observed worshipping, working, eating, sleeping and generally getting by. The result showcases both the wonders and the horrors of the world, with nothing but the pictures, and the music, doing the talking all the way. With images that are stunning and unforgettable, this is Fricke at his original and best.

Filmhouse, Edinburgh, December 14-19

Tinker Bell And The Secret Of The Wings (3D) (U)


Dirs: Roberts Gannaway, Peggy Holmes

Voices: Timothy Dalton, Anjelica Huston

Runtime: 75 minutes

WHILE working as a wage slave in the winter basket manufacturers, Tinker Bell starts to wonder what life is like in the Winter Woods. But when you are forbidden to go there, what is a warm-weather fairy to do? Timothy Dalton and Angelica Huston lend their voices to this sweet if dull Disney animated tale for the very small, complete with messages about following the rules, but taking chances sometimes too. Smoothly animated, with every fairy looking like a contestant in America's Next Top Model. Provides a dreamy hour and a bit if you are three years old; an excellent chance for a nap if not.

The Pool (12A)


Dir: Chris Smith

With: Krishna Appa, Jhangir Badshah

Runtime: 98 minutes

CHRIS Smith's gentle but evocative drama about haves and have-nots is set in Panjim, Goa, where 18-year-old Venkatesh earns a meagre living in a hotel. Nearby is a big house with a pool. The father and daughter who live there seem to have the perfect life, but all is not as simple as Venkatesh supposes. Beautifully shot, and with low-key performances perfectly in keeping with the mood of the piece, Smith's picture is a slow burner, but powerful and very moving with it.