WITH the stamina and ardour of a bull, Trey Songz keeps it up for nigh-on two hours in front of a crowd of tweens and teens.

The youthful audience belies the adult-appropriate nature of his lyrics, more 50 Shades of Trey than anything else.

With five studio albums under his low-slung belt – one of them a US No1 – Trey Songz, aka. Tremaine Neverson, is no R&B lightweight. He is currently touring fifth album Chapter V, which ticks most boxes: club jumpers, pop, undulating slow songs and some tremulous vocals.

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Much of the night is dedicated to R Kelly-style balladeering, which is well enough as Trey Songz has a fine voice, but does become turgid one hour in. Still, he has fine biceps silhouetted nicely by the lights and the gentleman is to be commended on his abdominals, which he displays at intervals to great effect.

Trey's most notable hit is, er hem, Panty Droppa (he also has a song named Panty Wetter, a poetic leitmotif) and his songs uniformly follow a love and lust theme.

He apologises to his ex-girlfriend for having "fumbled your heart" but promises to make amends by rubbing her body from head to toe.

The fine mist of oestrogen released into the air suggests the majority of the ladies present would quite like their hearts fumbled with.

Frankly, it's difficult to determine which talent he's trying to sell.

Towards the end of the night he turns the spotlight on the crowd and brings a young lady up on stage.

It is almost unbearably cringe-making but the young ladies seem to love it, just like Trey Songz himself.