What is it with talented young writer/actor/director David Ireland and casual sex?

Professionally, I mean, not personally of course.

One of his previous works at Oran Mor, End of Desire, focused on two strangers who meet online and arrange a one-night stand. Here he once more returns to the terra infirma of the post-coital bedroom for his latest comedy, which follows a couple of strangers who again have hooked up for a night of no-strings-attached passion, this time during the Edinburgh Festival – and then proceed to pore over the emotional fallout from it.

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Mary (Gabriel Quigley) declares it to have been the best night of sex she's ever had. Which, let's face it, isn't the worst compliment you can pay a bloke. Even if the other half of this orgiastic union, Richard Rankin's American tourist Michael, is too busy scoffing a bucket of KFC to give her affirmation of his skills in the sack his full attention.

As events unfold, both reveal that mutual attraction isn't the only guiding principle here. The not-so-virgin Mary has been having sex with a lot of different men over the past eight months, as her clock is ticking, and she's desperate to have a baby. As for Michael, an American who strangely has never heard of KFC or any other fast food outlet, well, let's just say that when he admits he's not from this planet, he really means it. No wonder the sex was heavenly. A surreal, sexual farce, with an unexpected twist of divine intervention, it's highly enjoyable stuff, full of good comedic one liners, well delivered by Quigley and Rankin.

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