An unorthodox introductory voice-

over by playwright Sabrina Mahfouz sets up glam streetwise trio of Chloe, Katia and Zainab as the Sugababes of "clean" crime, fleecing people "who own football clubs that never score" with jewellery smuggling, stockmarket manipulation and credit card scams. They are the heroines of a video game that doesn't exist, brought together for one major job by off-stage, unseen Caitlin, proprietrix of the night club they gather in.

The adventure is constructed on levels, like a game, but has a blistering way with language that digital technology never has, imagery and words overlapping as the women narrate their stories, filling in backstory as the tale unfolds, and swivelling to address the audience on three sides in conspiratorial, but sometimes boastful, style. Forget the Xbox, this is how theatre can take you anywhere in your imagination.

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Superb perfomances by Nadia Clifford, Joanna Kaczynska and Samantha Pearl make the most of the excellent script in what looks as surefire an Edinburgh Fringe hit as I think I have ever seen. Which may be just what is in the mind of the Traverse's Orla O'Loughlin, who is responsible for the classy direction.