13 Towers

(Home From Home)

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I don't know if this Scottish foursome are giving a nod to Daft Punk's debut by naming themselves Homework, but they seem to have an eye on the festival main stage as well as the dance tent. Their brand of electro comes with a thick slash of guitar, a throbbing rhythmic pulse, Casio squelches, bass tremors and a post-Glasvegas vocal style that relishes being a bit rough around the edges. When they hit their swaggering stride on The Edge Of Control Was Black and It's All Over, it's three parts Kasabian to one part Kraftwerk. There's room for Errors, too, plus the Primal Scream who viewed the world through Swastika Eyes. It should fall between electro and indie rock but instead manages to capture some middle ground. And when they get the balance of propulsive drums and synth hooks just right, as on 6s And 7s, it's a thrilling place to be.

Alan Morrison