THESE nostalgia shows aren't really meant for those of us who didn't really get it first time round.

Still, plenty on Glasgow Green – half old enough to remember when the Stone Roses played the same site 23 years ago, half young enough to think they would never get the chance – would have happily listened to Ian Brown, pictured, mumble his way through the phone book.

It's interesting that Primal Scream have taken a different approach; continuing to release new music long after their rough contemporaries first imploded. This wasn't the setting for them to show off new album More Light though, and so stragglers arrived to a party atmosphere punctuated by the hits: Swastika Eyes, Loaded and Rocks. As the heavens opened, thousands of pairs of wellington-clad feet trampled the Green into mud.

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The rain stopped as a piper heralded the Roses arrival on stage, but Brown was prepared for it anyway in his bright yellow mac. Any easy jokes about the cocky frontman's notoriously patchy vocals were drowned out by the crowds belting out I Wanna Be Adored and Elephant Stone, while Sally Cinnamon became a huge, glorious, indie rock love song.

The turgid psychedlica that makes up the ones that aren't the singles bogged down too much of the middle of the set for aching feet, before an extended Fools Gold lifted the mood. Stretched out to what felt like 20 minutes Mani's bass riff, synonymous with the indie half hour at every bad club of the early noughties, was proof that the vocals didn't matter. She Bangs The Drums got a dedication "to the ladies", but whether it was enough to make up for the many acts of public urination witnessed was questionable.