When I saw Warpaint at the Queen's Hall a few years ago, accusations about it being impossible to tell where one song ended and the next began certainly rang true. Not that it mattered, because the ebb and flow of the music across the set list was thrilling enough in itself.

Warpaint are more about impressionistic textures and settling into an indie-rock groove for a series of short durations than writing what's commonly considered to be "songs" - and that's even more true of this self-titled second album than it was of 2010's debut, The Fool.

When I listen to this all-female quartet from Los Angeles, I'm more interested in harmony than melody, and in the way those, ethereal voices gravitate around chiming guitars, a rock-meets-dub bass that's felt as much as heard, and the dominant rhythm of Stella Mozgawa's drums.

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That's not to say there aren't individual tracks to grab hold of on this new album: Love Is To Die distills everything that's distinctive about Warpaint into one radio-friendly but critic-pleasing mix. Overall, though, their style is more clearly defined here, the production sharper, the individual components more adventurous, as they add a generous sprinkling of Radiohead to their one part Chili Peppers/one part Cocteau Twins concoction.