l Pioneering American composer Christian Wolff in residence

l Pioneering American composer Christian Wolff in residence

l Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore in collaboration with Japanese composer/violinst Takehisa Kosugi

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l Orchestral premieres by Georg Friedrich Haas, Klaus Lang, David Behrman and Michael Finnissy

l Contemporary vocal music from EXAUDI

l Installation of Sarah Kenchington's magical mechanical instruments made from discarded materials (bicycle spokes, typewriters, inner tubes, odd bits of plumbing)

l Cindytalk, originally from Linlithgow, long-time resident of Japan, sings dark, industrial, gritty noise music with a beguilingly beautiful voice

l Icelandic composers' collective S.L.Á.T.U.R experiment with animated notation, homemade instruments and performance art - a slice of Reykjavik's playful DIY scene imported to the Merchant City

l Glasgow rock-art girl-band Muscles of Joy promise a set that's "melodic and repetitious […] spontaneous, emotional, dynamic, messier and free"

l Ilan Volkov leads a late-night "circle of drones" - expect throbbing ambient noise and audience participation

l First-time orchestral work by Richard Youngs closes the festival