Marianne Gunn's verdict: Three stars

In, what she calls, her live show Miranda Hart proved herself to be the queen of camp nonsense.

The BBC favourite entered to a long-forgotten Chesney Hawkes number while house numbers from Gloria Gaynor and Whigfield were to follow later in the evening.

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"I've always wanted to be a popstar," she told The Hydro crowd in front of her pretty impressive stage set, which later seemed to be a homage to Beyoncé herself when she donned gold sequins for the encore.

Hart nodded to the fact her tickets went on sale a whopping 18 months ago (yes, way back in 2012) while chastising the slower audience members who found themselves up at the dizzying heights of level three.

The proceedings were supposed to simulate a jolly party and, at times, there was a definite middle-class 'hen night' air to the whole thing. A few panto touches, throwing sweets to the audience and the high camp singalongs, jarred however, although the matchmaking over the interval slot provided some much-needed giggles with its visual gags.

It was in her actual audience interaction (whether with the gung-ho heckler from Orkney or her potential suitors on the receiving end of her predatory lunges) where it hit the mark.

The more laboured set pieces and fillers (such as the heinous karaoke attempts) just didn't justify the arena tour and hefty ticket price. The tricks she borrowed from her successful BBC sitcom (such as addressing the live feed camera directly) also proved effective and seemed to please the calm crowd.

Not your typical comedy festival gig, this was instead a jollified meander around all things 'Miranda' - galloping, moist plinths and miming taboo words provided moments where an exclamation of "such fun" was almost warranted.

Perhaps if we didn't have to "bear with" during so many cringe-inducing moments, Hart's brand of physical and quintessentially English comedy would be far more palatable.