Event: Glasgow Girls, musical, Citizens Theatre

Verdict by Jennifer Wilson, 40-ish: five stars.

Review: I am so glad I spotted the leaflet for this production at a local Sports Centre! I had heard about its launch performance on Woman's Hour a few years ago and regretted missing it at the time. But the wait was worth it. The Show tells the story of a group of schoolgirls from Drumchapel High School who stand up for their asylum seeking friends and neighbours. The wider community gets involved too. I can't imagine how the show could ever be put on again with a better cast than had been gathered for the show this time, but I am afraid the two week run at the Citizens is now over. I tweeted the National Theatre of Scotland, who were putting on the show, to see if they could please televise the production. But so far that hasn't happened.

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It would be a fantastic show to play to all children in secondary schools and might get them interested in politics. But its not just a 'worthy show', it has touching moment and humour too.

There are various amusing representations of some of our well know Scottish politicians ! But I won't spoil the show by saying any more. If it ever comes back to Glasgow make sure and try and see it. And also find out some more about the treatment of asylum seekers. As the show points out, the fight for good treatment is not over yet! And I wish more theatres would also think about recording some of those great productions. I am sure people would pay a fee online to get a chance to watch them from home.