Event: WitTank presents The School, comedy, Blackfriars, Glasgow

Verdict by Caroline Gauley, 23: four stars

Rising stars from BBC3's Live at the Electric and Radio 4's Sketchorama, comedy trio WitTank have taken their new sketch show WitTank present The School on tour, and have stopped off at the annual Glasgow Comedy Festival.

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Tucked away in the basement of Blackfriars, the lights glow red and Kieran Boyd, Mark Cooper-Jones and Naz Osmanoglu bounce on stage to commence the routine audience humiliation before launching into what is essentially a low budget yet succinct play.

With each of the three comedians playing a multitude of wildly varying characters, it is the seamless transitions and effortless accent changes which provoke bursts of laughter.

A particular belly laugh inducing skit is that of the man who ruins his relationship with his fiance because of a new found addiction to Wotsits. Here, lighting is manipulated perfectly, culminating in a single spotlight as the junkie smokes a Wotsit like heroin in an alley way.

The show's progression mirrors that of a boarding school stay and at the end of the show the bemused audience must learn the school song then graduate, donning actual mortars to the headmaster's screams. A class photo is then taken which can be obtained through the WitTank twitter page.

Staying unwaveringly in character throughout, this show definitely packs a punch with not even a millisecond going unfilled. For the chance to laugh, sing and potentially get forced to play the kazoo, visit the WitTank webpage for their list of gig dates.