Event: MAMA, visual art, The Virginia Gallery, Glasgow

Review by Luciano Graca, 37, Glasgow: four stars

If you are looking for something interesting to do this bank holiday weekend, The Virginia Gallery, 45 Virginia St in Glasgow, is showing the collaborative exhibition MAMA, by visual artist Thomas Abercromby and artists collective Little Book Transfers, until April 25.

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Abercromby's work is colourful and full of strong images expressing a certain distress. He plays with hands, breasts, flowers, and eyes. I could see hearts and the sex of a woman among legs. The Cubism influence is noticeable and welcome.

Reflecting on Abercromby's work, collective Little Book Transfers formed by artists Mairi Hutchinson, Nikki McGuigan and Hollie Russel, were invited to illustrate a wall inside the gallery.

The result is a delicate representation of the same elements used by Abercromby. The hands are there so are the eyes and the colours. However, the flowers painted on the wall are bigger, blossoming, and open.

Together both works complement each other perfectly even if there are disparities on the concepts, materials, and techniques applied by the artists.

MAMA is a well-balanced collaboration between young and promising artists that will appeal to everyone, displaying the type of art that would look amazing in any living room. Bold, interesting , and colourful.