The weather might have taken a turn for the warmer, but over at 10 tracks, things are still feeling decidedly chilly.

No, there hasn't been a disagreement about which tunes should come out top - our (monochrome) woollies are on because it's world penguin day.

In celebration of the black-and-white scamps, we've collated ten songs that mark the occasion.

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Christina Perri

The Philadelphia-born singer songwriter likens soul-mates to penguins in the song, which features on Perri's album Lovestrong.


We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists formed in New York in 2000, and released Pittsburgh ten years later on their Barbara album. The city of Pittsburgh's professional ice hockey team is named The Pittsburgh Penguins.



Fronted by ex-Libertine Pete Doherty, the band's 2013 album Sequel to the Prequel features this little ditty which includes references to guitars, bells and... penguins.

Keep Fishin'


Keep Fishin's video involves Weezer appearing as guests in The Muppet Show. The song itself peaked at number 15 on the US alternative charts in 2002.

Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine - aka Samel Beam - is responsible for Flightless Bird, American Mouth, which is the last track from the 2007 album The Shepherd's Dog.


Little Dragon

Swedish band Little Dragon formed in 1996 and went on to release Swimming as part of their 2009 album Machine Dreams through Peacefrog Records.

Penguin Cafe Single

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - the group of musicians founded by classically trained guitarist/composer Simon Jeffes - took its name from a hallucination Jeffes experienced after eating bad fish.


Men Without Hats

Canadian New Wave group Men Without Hats released Antarctica in 1982 on their record label at the time Statik.



African penguins - also known as Jackass penguins - are indigenous to South Africa and make donkey-like braying sounds. Toto's prominent hit Africa doesn't, but it was inspired by the same geographical region.


Manic Street Preachers

Little penguins - also known as Fairy penguins - can be found on the coastlines of southern Australia. The Manics' introverted 1996 song has been used in adverts for the Australian tourist board since its release.