Event: The Referendum Review Show, The Glad Cafe, Glasgow.

Review by Mike Ritchie, Glasgow: four stars

There's a lot to laugh, if not scoff at, in politics: not least the politicians themselves with their carefully groomed images and PR-buffed responses to questions they have no intention of answering directly.

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Party conferences with the choreographed standing ovations, delegates nodding off and sincere views of shiny apparatchiks are a hoot, too. On the other hand, there's that Farage bloke with views that are no joke.

So, set against the September 18 poll and beyond, politicians, their faceless jargon monger aides and, of course, the great unwashed, aka the Yes or No voters, all came in for a timely hammering in this excellent comedy review looking impudently - and with no shred of respect - at the issues and consequences of the big vote.

Advertised as "a must-see for every camp, whether you're a 'yes', a 'no', a 'don't know' or a 'can't be bothered'", the four-strong team of actors delivered a hilarious phone chat between First Minister "Salmon" and President Putin, who was trying to invite Eck for bare-chested, sabre-tooth tiger fighting or something equally macho; a raging taxi driver with questionable, comical views on everything and a game show for rival voters hosted by a cheesy presenter with a self-absorbed fondness for his own lame quips.

The writers, including Alex Cox, Graham de Banzie and Ewan Park, produced sparkling sketches and music, delivered on-book with gusto by the gleeful actors who deserved the hearty applause at the end of this 80-minute fun campaign romp.