Three small stools and a handful of lo-fi props:

Staple/face, winners of Fosters' So You Think You're Funny? Best New Sketch Act 2013, rely on the verbal more than the visual and so would slip quite smoothly over to the radio airwaves, should anyone with commissioning power be taking note. There's barely time for breath between each skit as this fresh-faced, energetic trio riffle through their hour-long set. It's held together by a few recurring characters (best are the cutely hardboiled Ricky Griffiths: Child Detective and a persistently workshy version of Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin) and the fact that Staple/face are particularly good at leading audience expectations down one path only to double the comedy ante with an unexpected reveal. There's no single killer set-piece, but they're consistent across the running time and serve up a comedy espresso for that much-needed 4pm jolt in the afternoon.

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