He's married with two young children and has just turned 40.

He talks about being permanently knackered as a dad and how his sex life has ground to a halt. There are routines about kids asking awkward questions and women weeing during pregnancy. So how come Rob Rouse's latest show isn't stale or cliched or disappointing? Because every single one of these everyday observations and shared recognitions is blown out of the mainstream by his electric-shock treatment of the material. Rouse goes way beyond the bad-taste barrier when it comes to personal confession, but this is not filth for filth's sake. What he's got to say about raising a daughter in a pornographified world comes straight from the heart, and he's not about to mince his words for the sake of politeness. You want to hug his brain for coming up with this stuff, even as you want to wash his mouth out with soap for saying it.

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