Shelby Bond - aka Cowboy Max - talks to HeraldScotland about hot chips, icy rain and the American healthcare system

Tell us about your Fringe show.

I do a cowboy comedy show with stunts and jokes.

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Best thing about the Fringe?

The streets are like a stampede of theatre lovin' folks.

Worst thing about the Fringe?

The streets are like a stampede of theatre lovin' folks.

How many years have you been coming to the Fringe?

Performing at Fringes around the world since 2000. It's my fifth Edinburgh Fringe.

Favourite Fringe venue?

I'm really excited about being at The Stand because they treated me so well in Glasgow this year.

Best Fringe memory?

Having knives thrown at me in the icy rain. Nothing like deathly fear to make you appreciate the good things in life.

Best heckle?

Drunk guy yelling, "I like what you're saying!" That's some polite heckling there.

Craziest on stage experience?

The scarf I was wearing once caught fire and starting travelling like a fuse towards my head.

What's on your rider?

Me on a saddle.

How do you wind down after a show?

Around a campfire. Or, if that's not available, a hot packet of chips.


What do you love about Scotland?

The open, green pastures. Makes me wanna ride a bronco into the distance.

What do you like about Edinburgh?

I love all the staircases, seems like walking around an M.C. Escher drawing.

What's the most Scottish thing you've done?

I once went three years without visiting the dentist.

What kind of jokes do a Scottish crowd seem to respond to?

When I take the piss out of Americans.

Favourite joke?

The American health care system.

The Cowboy Max Show is on daily at 11.15am until August 25th at The Stand, 34-38 York Place Edinburgh.